Continuous Casting Mould Fluxes


METACONCAST is range of continuous casting mould flux designed to help steel continuous casting operation for billet, bloom and slab. Latest technology is used in manufacturing METACONCAST to ensure that quality steel is produced in a cost effective manner.

METACONCAST has uniform melting temperature range, most desired viscosity, slag thickness, crystallisation, tendency, optimum melting rate and suitable break and solidification temperatures.

METACONCAST is completely free of any hazardous material and has a long shelf life of around one year.  Customised packing options are also available to ensure easy handling and minimum inventory pile up.


The most critical part of the steel continuous casting is initial solidification at the meniscus found at the function where the top of the shell meets the mould and the liquid surfaces. This is where the surface of the final product is created and effects such as surfaces cracks can form, if problems such as level fluctuations occur. To avoid this METACONCAST is added to the steel meniscus which flows into the gap between the mould and shell.


  • Protect the steel meniscus from oxidation
  • Absorb inclusion floating up from the steel
  • Provide thermal insulation  to prevent  the steel from freezing
  • Provide the optimum  level of horizontal heat transfer between shell and mould
  • Provide lubrication of the steel shell


  • Better steel final quantity
  • Best cost control, production capacity increase (higher casting speeds, reduction of number of breakout and
        defects. Simple gravity automatic feeding).
  • Better air pollution control
  • Constant behaviour during continuous casting process and consistent results over a period of time


METACONCAST is available in various customised packing options as per the requirement of the consumer. Standard packing options available for METACONCAST is 25 kgs polythene lined plastic sack for easy handling.