Mould and Core Coatings


METACOTE is range of solvent based and water based mould and core coatings. It is available with various refractory material options including Zircon, Graphite, Aluminium Silicate, Magnesite etc.

METACOTE is completely free of any hazardous material and has a long shelf life of around six months. Customised packing options are also available to ensure easy handling and minimum inventory pile up.

METACOTE is available in ready to use, powder or paste form for enhanced convenience for the consumer.


METACOTE has excellent flow characteristics, good suspension quality and high refractoriness. It is available for lost foam process & CO2 process. It can be used for various grades of stainless steel including Manganese steel.


Excellent Flow Characteristics

Low foaming and good suspension properties

High refractoriness as METACOTE provides exceptional resistance to fusion and penetration defects

Easily curable on flaming off, free from patches

No tendency to cracking or scaling on drying

Provides smooth surface finish of the castings

Helpful Hints

  • Ready to use METACOTE should be mixed well before use
  • Apply on mould and core surfaces free from sand and dust particles
  • Solvent based coatings are highly flammable. It is advised to keep away from naked flame.
  • Flaming off immediately after coating for the best result.
  • Keep container closed when not in use and keep it in a cool and dry place.


METACOTE is available in various customised packing options as per the requirement of the consumer. Standard packing options available are 30 kgs bucket for ready to use form, 50 kgs plastic sacks for powder and paste form.


Appearance Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Colour Off White Black Light Grey Reddish Brown
Sedimentation Trace Trace Trace Trace
Storage Life Six Months Six Months Six Months Six Months
Packing 40 Kg in Bucket 30 Kg in Bucket 40 Kg in Bucket 30 Kg in Bucket
Zircon base ready to use coating for moulds and core with excellent flow characteristics and good suspension quality. Ready to use coating for moulds and core with high refractriness as coating provide exceptional resistance to penetration defects. Ready to use coatings for lost foam process with excellent rheology behaviour. Main component is Zirconium silicate. Mixed refractory based specially recommend for automotive castings with number of versions i.e.- metacote-5161.



hMetacote-ZA Metacote-11 Liquid Metacote-3526 Metacote-31 Liquid Metacote-5560
Appearance Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Colour Green Black Creamish Cream Red Light Green
Coating Characteristic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Flowability Uniform Uniform Uniform Uniform Uniform
Packing 35 Kg in Bucket 20 Kg in Bucket 30 Kg in Bucket 30 Kg in Bucket 30 Kg in Bucket
Metacote ZA is a range of RFU alcohol base zircon wash coatings on CO2 and green sand moulds & core. It has a good refractoriness and thixotropic properties Metacote-11L is a graphite base ready to use coatings for moulds and core with very good suspension and easily washable on flamming off. Solvent base, Zirconium silicate as a main component coating has high refractoriness specially for heavy steel casting. Also has excellent suspension properties and covering power on application Solvent base, magnesite as a main component coating is specially designed for magnese steel. Provide smooth surface finish of the casting. Mixed refractory base coating, it is designed as a economic version. But having excellent characteristic for achieving best casting surface and reducing defects.