Highly Efficient Release Agent for Aluminium and Magnesium



As a result of the “Leidenfrost phenomena” it is difficult to apply aqueous release agents to very hot dies, except when spraying is excessive. Inevitably castings tend to stick, if no release film was formed during spraying. We have focused on this problem by developing a special product with a much lower surface tension. The result is METADIECOTE.

After mixing this release agent with water, the surface tension is decreased that it adheres better to hot dies and cores.

Field of Application

Metadiecote is suitable for structural parts and also for hot dies.   

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Excellent adherence and film formation also at very high temperature of die and core. Therefore improved die release (reference is made to the high dilution ratios)
  • Formation of a kind of heat sustainable “patina” which resists very high temperatures. This product is therefore also recommended for older dies with possible cracks.
  • An effective release agent against “metallization” (welding between the cast metal and the steel)
  • Perfectly bright and high quality surfaces
  • No plugging of nozzles, no waxy residue on die-frame.
  • No interference with painting or welding
Metadiecote - L up to 1 : 100 up to 1 : 50
Metadiecote - NL up to 1 : 150 up to 1 : 60
Metadiecote - N up to 1 : 2000 up to 1 : 80

Chemical and Physical Data

appearance white emulsion
odour neutral
density at 20 0 C 0.95 - 0.99 g/cm 3
pH 7-8
storage stability correctly stored about 6 months


Metadiecote is available in various customised packing options as per the requirement of the consumer. Standard packing options are available in 20 litres in bucket or 200 litres in barrel.