Exothermic Feeder Head in Various Shapes and Sizes


METAHOT is a range of highly exothermic and insulating hot top supplied with METALUX range of Anti Piping Compound. METAHOT is manufactured using best quality raw materials. This results in maximum yield of molten metal and minimum loss due to cavity formation.

METAHOT is completely free of any hazardous material and has a long shelf life of around one year.  Customised packing options are also available to ensure easy handling and minimum inventory pile up.

METAHOT can be produced in any shape and size. It can be customised as per specific needs to provide most effective yield to the consumer. .


During solidification of fully deoxidized kilned steel, volumetric shrinkage takes place resulting in shrinkage cavity or pipe formation. This cavity is large and deep at the centre top of the ingot body on complete solidification. This leads to excessive top crop of about 15-20%, depending on metal composition, ingot shape etc.

Complete elimination of cavity responding from volumetric contraction is possible, with provision of METAHOT on the mould which keeps the metal molten until complete solidification of ingot body.

Helpful Hints

  • Clean ingot mould properly and make it dust free
  • Fix / insert the hot top with our Metaseal range of sealing compounds
  • Provide the metal box matching with outer dimensions of Hot Tops
  • After pouring the metal add required quantity of Metalux.
  • METAHOT is available in various shapes including Fully inserted, Semi Inserted, Fluted, Square, Round etc.


METAHOT is packed into polythene bags to prevent moisture pick up during transportation and storage. Suitable proportions of Metalux are packed with METAHOT for added user convenience. Sorted packs are further packed into cartons to ensure a safe delivery to customer. Once unpacked, METAHOT should not be left open on shop floor for longer duration of time.


METAHOT-100 is highly exothermic  type. It is recommended for small size of ingot ranges upto 10 inches. METAHOT-103 is mild exothermic cum insulating type. It is recommended for medium & large size of ingot casting. METAHOT-200 is insulating type of Hot Top. Recommended for medium and large size of forging ingots.