Highly Exothermic and Insulating Sleeves


METAMINEX is a range of highly exothermic and insulating feeder sleeves used for riser lining of steel and SG iron casting manufactured out of best quality raw materials. This results in superior yield and reduced rejection in steel castings.

METAMINEX is completely free of any hazardous material and has a long shelf life of around one year.  Customised packing options are also available to ensure easy handling and minimum inventory pile up.

METAMINEX can be produced in any shape and size. It can be customised as per specific needs to provide most effective yield to the consumer.


METAMINEX is suitable for riser lining of steel, SG iron and cast iron casting. It can be used for a wide spectrum of cast parts and also for very large and critical complex parts.


  • Exothermic Feeder Sleeve upto 2 m.e.f. and size upto 6” diameter with consistent quality
  • Insulating Feeder Sleeve upto 1.6 m.e.f. in any size with consistent quality
  • Available in cylindrical, oval, rectangular, neck down, groove and flexible boards
  • Tensile and compressive strengths are maintained on higher side
  • Increased casting yield i.e. better control of liquid metal
  • Enhanced directional solidification
  • Reduced gas cutting area resulting in higher economics


METAMINEX is packed into polythene bags to prevent moisture pick up during transportation and storage. Sorted packs are further packed into cartons to ensure a safe delivery to customer. Once unpacked,

METAMINEX should not be left open on shop floor for longer duration of time.


Sizes (Diameter) 25mm to 150mm 150mm to 1050mm As per drawings 175mm to 1050mm 25mm to 150mm
Typical MEF Upto 1.8 1.35 to 1.60 Upto 1.8-2.0 1.35 >1.6
Temprature attained 1525-1625 0C 1525-1560 0C 1725 0C Insulating Isothermic/td>
Moisture <1% <1% <1% <1% <1%
Shelf Life 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Exclusive range of oval sleeves for riser lining of steel and SG iron casting. Which is helpful to make the best economic casting and increase the yield i.e. better control of Liquid metal. Range of sleeves for riser lining of steel and SG iron castings. It is composed of highly exothermic cum insulating material to keep the metal in molten for longer time and prolong solidification time. Range of sleeves for medium and bigger sizes lining for steel casting. It is composed of exothermic & insulation material. Besides thermal and insulating other properties like, Bulk density, strength, are also maintained. New range of High density sleeves for steel castings (specially designed) composed of highly exothermic & insulating material with tensile and compressive strength maintained on very higher side. Range of sleeves for medium, and bigger sizes. Lining for steel, SG iron and Cast iron casting. Composed of higher insulating material. Special range of sleeves for customers who are conscious in every way to improve the casting characteristics through over sleeves. These sleeves are designed by our special technical team, with the help of customer specifications and drawings.