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Our Founders

Serving in this Industry from last 35 years

With over 35 years of experience, we stand as a leading manufacturer delivering excellence in producing ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with deep expertise, ensures that we offer groundbreaking technologies, service concepts, and tailored solutions that meet the needs of our customers both in India and around the globe.

Ceo & Founder

Shri Anil Kumar Jain

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Metal Aids was founded back in 1988 by Mr Anil Jain and his brother Mr Sanjay Jain. Professionally, Mr Anil Jain comes from Charted Accountant (CA) background but still he manages to coin his idea into reality and today Metal Aids is one of the well renowned companies serving customers both domestically and globally. He is an Innovative Entrepreneur with over 43 years of experience in business leadership and development. Proven Efficiency in creating business and managing operations, finances etc.

    Co-Founder and Managing Director

    Shri Sanjay Jain

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    Mr Sanjay Jain took the initiative to co-found Metal Aids in 1988. Under his great vision, the company grew many folds and now has a huge clientele. He has extensive experience collaborating with department managers to set development goals and strategies, maintain the organization’s budget, and monitor the cost-effectiveness of operations. A powerful communicator who leverages team member’s talents to achieve organizational goals.