Exothermic & Insulating Hot Top

Hot Tops act as a reservoir of liquid metal for the cast iron mould in steel ingot castings. It keeps the metal in molten form till the solidification of ingot body by providing an exothermic reaction and insulating properties. We are selling this product under the trade name Metahot™.

Key Features

  • Sound ingot casting free from shrinkage, cavity/piping.
    Inclusion free ingot.
  • Increases casting yield.
  • Increase in directional solidification.
  • Improvement in casting yield and productivity.
  • Increase in directional solidification.
  • Eliminates casting defects like shrinkage, cavity/pipingthe, etc.



Hot tops are available in a long range of sizes & shapes like Square, Rectangular, Round, Fluted, and Pad /Segmented Form. Metahot™ supplies the required quantity and quality of Anti Piping Compound Metalux™.

Sealing Compound (Metaseal) is also provided separately for fixing the Hot Top on C.I. Mould. Metahot™ Hot tops are wrapped in polythene and then packed in corrugated boxes to prevent moisture pick-up and damage during transit.




– 100 HE
– 100
– 202
Upto 12″ (dia or cross section)
Above 12″ (dia or cross section)
Large sizes
Highly Exothermic
For smaller sizes of ingots casting
For medium sizes of ingot casting
Large sizes of ingot casting


Allied Products

Metafix (Core joining compound)

Metafix is a paste-form compound with excellent binding properties. It is used for fixing the core in the mould.

Metacollapse L-60 (Sugar based collapsible agent)

Metacollapse L -60 is a liquid breakdown or collapsible agent for sodium silicate-CO2 binder systems. It is used to improve the collapsibility of sand.

Metasil 123 (Sodium silicate binder with collapsible agent)

Metasil 123 is a sodium silicate binder with a breakdown or collapsible agent. It is used to improve the collapsibility of sand.

M-SIL (Repairing compound )

M-Sil is a repairing compound for mould and core in paste form. It is used for a smooth surface finish of casting.

Metastrip (Pattern releasing agent)

Metastrip is a pattern-releasing agent which is responsible for the smooth release of patterns used in self-setting moulding systems.

Metaseal (Sealing compound)

Metaseal powder is a premix of refractory filler and binders etc. It is used for fixing or joining the Hot Tops on the mould surface. It can also be used for joining the BP Set.